DST microRF

telemetria di temperatura per piccoli animali

Caratteristiche principali:
  • Dati di temperatura in tempo reale
  • Misure precise e affidabili
  • Semplicit e basso costo
  • Monitoraggio di pi animali per gabbia
                       Dati tecnici:
Dimensioni: 8.3mm x 25.4mm
Peso: 3.3g
Sensore: Temperatura
  Campo di misura: 5 to +45C
Precisione: +/-0.2C
Memoria: 43.476 misure
Batteria: 15 mesi
(a 1 misura ogni 10 minuti)
Materiale: ceramica biocompatibile

scarica data-sheet (pdf - 214 kB)


Star-Oddi temperature loggers in influenza research

Judith van den Brand is a researcher at Erasmus MC. She has been using Star-Oddi's DST micro-T temperature loggers in her research on influenza. 

Van den Brand says that, humans and animals infected with a virus often show a rise in body temperature during disease. Since it is ethically not desirable to perform experiments in humans, we use animal models to investigate the pathogenesis of infections with influenza viruses such as seasonal human influenza virus, pandemic H1N1 and highly pathogenic avian influenza virus H5N1. 

Many animal models show very little clinical signs during disease caused by influenza virus which makes it difficult to monitor the disease in live animals. Therefore, we use Star Oddi temperature loggers to monitor the temperature of the infected animals. In a recent experiment we were able to demonstrate the changes in different parts of the respiratory tract in an animal model during infection. The body temperature data complete the other data that are obtained by different methods like histopathology, immunohistochemistry, virology and haematology. 

This research gives a better understanding about the pathogenesis of influenza virus infection and therefore makes it possible to develop better preventive and therapeutical measures against severe disease caused by this virus.

For more details, please read the whole article.