Following equipment is available for rental or survey services.
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Geoacoustics GeoSwath
Complete interferometric swath system for high accuracy bathimetry

Imagenex 837 Delta-T Profiler
Multi-beam sonar head
Complete integrated multi-beam
based on


 General Acoustics LOG_aLevel
Acoustics tide/wavemeter, fully portable, internal battery and logger

Valeport SVP

Valeport Monitor SVP
Sound velocity profiler with internal memory


Imagenex Sportscan
The cheapest side-scan sonar on the market

QTC View 5

Quester Tangent  
QTC VIEW™ Series V
Seabed acoustic classification
for very shallow water

Hydrotrac Odom Hydrographic Hydrotrac
High accuracy single-beam echosounder, complete with 200 KHz transducer,
3° beam-width
Trimble 5700
RTK GPS system
master/rover with radio link
or VRS rover
Trimble DSM 232
L1/L2 GPS receiver
WAAS/EGNOS enabled
or Omnistar XP/HP enabled

Geoacoustics Pipeliner
Sub-bottom system designed to detect
buried pipelines